NDP 59: To Bulk Fill or Not To Bulk Fill with Dr. Davey Alleman and Dr. Ryan Nolan

This week’s interview was recorded an embarrassingly long time ago but nonetheless it is with two of my good friends who I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know over several interviews on the podcast and then to meet them in person at DIA few months ago was great. I am of coarse talking about Dr. Davey Alleman and Dr. Ryan Nolan.

Both these gentlemen are exceptionally bright individuals and for me it was just fun to facilitate a discussion between these guys on this interview. We cover a lot of topics including different approaches to restorative dentistry, future of restorative materials, role of mouthwashes in caries control and much more.

I hope you guys enjoy this interview and my promise is that these episodes will be returning on a more regular interval with some amazing guests including Bloody Tooth Guy and many other amazing dentists.

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About the Guests:

Dr. Davey Alleman

Instagram: @davey_alleman_dmd


Dr. Ryan Nolan

Instagram: @ryannolandmd


Podcast Details:

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