Mastering Dentistry Series Episode 1: Pathways to Success & the Art of Management with Dr. Hesham Sherghin

This is the first episode of the Mastering Dentistry Series and we are super excited and hopeful for you to learn and be inspired. I am Dr. Zeyad Hammad and today my guest is Dr. Hesham Sherghin, Hesham is currently my mentor and principal dentist here in London Ontario. I got introduced to Hesham through total coincidence and I am glad that meeting happened. Over 8 years of practice Hesham has expanded his clinical scope to perform complex surgical procedures, has build over 13 dental practices, owns a management and technologies companies, and is currently launching a dental fast track program of zoom webinars on his Continuing Education platform
Dental fast track a month long virtual lectures on zoom that is aimed at young dentists and final year dental students to help improve their skill and widen their scopes. This webinar will discuss mindset and discipline that Dr. Dr. Sherghin practices to perform at this high level. I really hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.

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