Hey there, I’m your host Dr. Ricky Hamami and on the second episode of the Mastering Dentistry Series, we were privileged to host an outstanding clinician in Dr. Brett Gilbert, an endodontist practicing in Niles Illinois. I had the privilege of meeting Brett by sheer coincidence over Instagram and developed a friendship as a result of our side hustles. On this episode, Brett and I talk about his pathway to specialization and his life outside of dentistry.

Brett lectures worldwide and recently created an online endodontic educational platform called Access Endo. Access Endo combines clinical expertise and personal development to empower the next generation of dentists with over 50 courses and 44 PACE AGD credits offered. He is currently offering a $10 student bundle to help accelerate students’ clinical pathway.

Be sure to check it out at: https://www.accessendo.org

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