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I’m here with Dr. Krati Garg who is one of our bosses at the dental hospital where I’ve been working for the past few months as an oral surgery resident. She completed her dental and specialty training in India prior to moving to Australia in 2007. She went on to become a fellow with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, and is currently a Consultant Oral Surgeon at the Royal Dental Hospital where she serves as the OMFS Department Head. On top of these achievements in her dental career, Dr. Garg also completed her Masters in Journalism at the University of Melbourne and has articles published in reputable outlets such as The Age and SPS News. 

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Twitter: @KratiGarg07


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[05:27] How Dr. Garg got into dentistry in India

[10:04] The hardships Dr. Garg faced during her training

[14:59] Dr. Garg’s professional transition to Australia and current state of practice

[17:50] Hospital administration in light of the pandemic

[24:00] Lessons learned on how hospitals should deal with pandemics

[33:11] Dr. Garg’s experience as a teacher

[35:03] How to be a successful dentist     

[39:47] The benefits of a well balanced life outside of your profession

[43:29] Dr. Garg’s ambitions in writing

[45:50] The benefits of public service       


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41:33 – 41:57

“Having a life other than your main profession is an investment you make into your main profession. And also, not necessarily monetary benefit is the reward, but what you gain in terms of your mental health and well being is far more valuable long term than your actual career or profession.”


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