Mastering Dentistry Series Episode 3: Surviving Dentistry: The journey to becoming a Periodontist and life outside of dentistry with Dr. Fadi Hasan


Hey there, I’m your host Dr. Ricky Hamami and on the third episode of the Mastering Dentistry Series, we were privileged to host an outstanding clinician in Dr. Fadi K Hasan, a periodontist practicing in Washington DC. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Hasan’s incredible story on an Instagram live and immediately reached out to him to have him on our podcast. Fadi’s story is like no other, his persistence and dedication are reflected in his work. Join me and Fadi and listen to his journey through dental school, Periodontology residency and life outside of dentistry.

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Dr. Fadi K Hasan

Instagram: @fkh.implant.perio

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