NDP Weekly Mentorship Episdoe 5: The Power of Habit in Life and Dentistry


Welcome to the Noobie Dentist Mentorship Mini Series. In this weeks episode I talk about habits, what they are, and how we can identify and change them.


I got introduced to Habits and the important of habits through The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. In this book Charles talks about the habit loop and how our actions are automated responses to certain cues. We’re home bored (cue) and so we head into the kitchen and look through the fridge to find a snack (action) and then we enjoy the snack (reward). This Cue-Action-Reward loop underlies a lot of what we do on the day to day basis.


Have a think about all your actions in a given day. Why do you do them? Most of our daily actions are routines that we do without much thought. The first step towards change, development and improvement is to identify this and take steps to change it.


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