Breathe in, Breathe out – happiness, self-care and personal finance with Dr. Bruce Freeman (Part 2/2) The Noobie Dentist Podcast – Dr. Bruce Freeman (Part 2) Episode Run Time: 01:24:05 Intro   Today, I chat with Dr. Bruce Freeman for part 2 of our 2 part series.  Dr. Bruce Freeman is the Director of Patient Experience for dentalcorp, helping dentists across Canada achieve clinical success that results in the best experience for their patients. Bruce is a native of Toronto, Ontario where he currently practices as an orthodontist and as a staff clinician at Mount Sinai’s facial pain unit. Bruce also lectures across the globe on orthodontics, facial pain and the patient experience. Outside of dentistry, he likes to help his fellow clinicians through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. In the second part of this two part series, we talk about practicing self-care. Bruce talks about his recent article on the happiness line and we talk about the neuroscience of happiness. We also go into how to take care of yourself through mindfulness, yoga, meditation, diet and nutrition. Finally, we touch on finances and what money means to us. Guest Details   Website:   Social Media:   Time Stamps [00:02:35] Satisficing: choosing between the “optimum choice is a simplified world” versus a “satisfactory choice in a realistic world” [00:06:06] Bruce illustrates the dangers of sensory overload in decision making [00:06:50] Why you cannot improve everything at once [00:10:33] The importance of showing gratitude and practicing random acts of kindness [00:12:24] Mindfully moving from one posture to another [00:13:45] Bruce demonstrates the box breathing exercise which can produce calmness [00:19:41] How meditation can help you to distance yourself from a blinding emotion [00:22:20] Becoming the knower of your mind, versus letting your thoughts control you [00:24:21] The power of the Wim Hof breathing technique, and how to slow your heart rate down [00:26:21] Why you should internalize your goals and stop falling for gimmicks [00:30:39] How to recognize your habits and alter them [00:34:39] How yoga helps to connect your thoughts with your body and mind [00:37:38] How to practice habit stacking. Incorporating new habits into your existing habits [00:40:24] How short-term disappointments do not strongly influence long-term happiness [00:43:08] The importance of reflecting on past experiences [00:48:13] Why you should learn how to acknowledge your own failures and weaknesses [00:52:13] How putting yourself out there can change your life [00:54:33] Equipping yourself with the right tips and tools to understand yourself and to be content [00:56:54] Enjoying your growth instead of setting impossible goals [00:59:45] How your behaviors can impact those around you [01:01:18] Why money is security and freedom to do what you want, and rather than a means to accumulate things [01:06:13] Why you should prioritize experiences over possessions [01:10:10] The importance of living beneath your means [01:15:55] The benefits of surrounding yourself with the right people Podcast Details   As always, if you enjoyed listening to the Noobie Dentist Podcast, please pass the podcast along to your friends, classmates and colleagues. If you haven’t already, head over to iTunes and give the show a 5-star rating and if you have some time, leave a review! The Noobie Dentist podcast is now available on Spotify, YouTube,, the Apple podcast app, Stitcher and any other podcast apps out there! Website: Instagram: @noobiedentist   Sponsor Details Ivoclar Vivadent is one of the world’s leading and most innovative dental companies, offering a comprehensive range of products and systems that provide you with new opportunities in dentistry – for even more aesthetic and efficient results and better dental care for patients. ‘Making People Smile’ – It’s what they do! To find out more, visit Headline Quote [56:54 – 57:22] And guess what? Start at the bottom. Work your way to the top. You cannot start at the top. Like you said, it is like, “I am going to crush self-care!” Listening to it, then you are like, “What does that even mean? I do not even know.” “I am going to go to the health foods store and buy bottles of stuff! And then if I see somebody with abs on Instagram, I am going to know that is the key!” Do you know what I am saying? And it is not! You should be able to learn how to breathe like, in your own head! Social Media Post   Your thoughts and emotions impact those around you, even if you do not realize it! Listen to this episode of the Noobie Dentist podcast to discover helpful tips for practicing self-care and regulating your emotions. Conclusion Were you inspired by Dr. Bruce Freeman’s expansion on the benefits of self-care? What techniques do you use to regulate your emotions? Here are some helpful resources that were mentioned in the podcast: Do remember to subscribe for more content!

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