Podcast Roundtable: Three Unique Perspectives on 2020 with Dr. David Keir and Dr. Jesse Green


In this week’s episode, I sat down with my good friends, mentors and co-founders at CPDJunkie.com.au, Dr. Jesse Green and Dr. David Keir. In this casual roundtable discussion we look back on 2020 and share our experiences, lessons learned, successes and challenges. We also talk about CPD Junkie, the progress that we have made on this project and our plans for it in 2021.


Check out CPD Junkie:  http://www.CPDJunkie.com.au


Both Dr. David Keir and Dr. Jesse Green run their own successful podcasts so be sure to check them them out and give them a follow!

Dr. Jesse Green: https://savvydentist.com/podcasts/

Dr. David Keir: https://www.dentalheadstart.com/


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