Bonus Episode: NDP x Dental Digest Podcast Crossover – Life of a Dental Podcaster

We live in a very small world these days and our dental world is even smaller. Dental Podcasts have been exploding lately with a lot of amazing podcasts springing up in all corners of the world. I personally have benefited so much in various aspects of my life from podcasts and the amazing value they provide. Within dentistry, dental podcasts are leading the way in combining education and entertainment for hundreds of thousands of dentists per month.

In this week’s bonus episode I had the awesome pleasure of having a conversation with Dr. Melissa Seibert, host of the Dental Digest Podcast ( Dr. Seibert is leading the charge in the next generation of dental podcasts in the United States and has some ambitious plans to change the face of dental education. In this episode we dive into our back stories, why we started our respective podcasts and much more.


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