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The Noobie Dentist Podcast – Dr Amir Tahmasebpour

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Today, I talk to Dr. Amir Tahmasebpour who is a popular dentist on Instagram. Originally from Canada, he came to Australia to pursue dentistry. He worked as an associate dentist in Sydney for 2 years where he really developed a passion for oral surgery. He recently moved back to Toronto and is getting ready to continue his practice there.

In this interview we talk about the role of social media in dentistry; what it has meant to him and his career in terms of finding mentorship from around the world. We also talk about our common interest in oral surgery, his move back to Canada, and his future goals.

Guest Details

Social Media:

Dr Amir Tahmasebpour – Instagram



Time Stamps

[00:03:23] Dr. Amir’s origin story


[00:05:44] Dental school experience in Australia


[00:09:00] Finding dentistry work in Sydney


[00:11:35] Dr. Amir’s interest in oral surgery


[00:15:28] Setting up a dentistry social media account


[00:19:10] Networking and mentorship through social media


[00:21:46] Connecting more with your audience


[00:23:40] Handling online criticism and trolls


[00:27:47] Merging work and online life together


[00:30:51] Focusing on oral surgery for future practice


[00:34:33] Dr. Amir’s move to Canada


[00:38:22] Future plans for private practice




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Headline Quote

[26:59 – 27:18]

As a person who posts these kinds of content, you’re kind of subjecting yourself to a lot of judgment. You’re subjecting yourself to a lot of criticism. And… But I’m willing to accept it, you know? If someone’s going to criticize me and if they have a valid point, I want to hear it. I want to learn from it. And that here is how you’re going to grow as a clinician.


Were you inspired by Dr Amir Tahmasebpour? Are you considering specializing in oral surgery? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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