Dental Implant Mini Audio Residency Episode 2: Patient Assessment and Surgical Implant Placement with OMFS Dr. Nu Dastaran

The Noobie Dentist Podcast – Nu Dastaran

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Today, I talk to Dr. Nu Dastaran, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Melbourne. Originally from London, she graduated with a medical degree from the University of Bristol. Through exposure to and her interest in head and neck anatomy Dr. Dastaran decided to start the journey towards becoming an OMFS. She completed her OMFS training in Australia and  has been practicing as an OMFS for 5 years now.

In this second episode of the dental implant audio residency series, we talk about the surgical aspects of implant dentistry. Dr. Nu Dastaran details her workflow from patient assessment, surgery planning, flap design, down to the actual implant procedure. We also discuss her preference for single vs two stage implant procedures and freehand vs guided placements.


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Time Stamps

[04:30] How Dr. Nu specialised in oral and maxillofacial surgery
[07:48] Dr. Nu’s day to day practice as an OMFS

[10:41] Patient assessment & diagnosis in implant treatment
[16:52] Analysis of a sample radiograph
[23:10] Implant surgery procedure from start to finish
[27:18] One-stage VS two-stage implant placements

[29:01] Uncovering a dental implant

[30:09] Freehand placement vs guided placement

[31:38] Tips for preparing implant site

[38:47] Focus on the long-term prognosis 

[40:58] Using guided placement as a learning tool

[43:21] Don’t be hard on yourself


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