Dental Implant Mini Audio Residency Episode 3: Guided and Digital Implant Dentistry with Dr. Dr Harris Schlen

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Today, I talk to Dr. Harris Schlen, the clinical director of MoreDent. He was formerly the principal dentist at SV Dental Centre with over 30 years of clinical experience and an educator in the field of implant dentistry. During the early days of digital dentistry, Dr. Schlen was initially reluctant to try guided surgery. After experiencing its effectiveness first-hand, he has since been a proud advocate for digital dentistry and guided implant dentistry.

In this third episode of the dental implant audio residency series, we talk about the digital workflow and the technological advances in implant dentistry. Dr. Harris Schlen also shares his tips for how to use guides effectively and how to succeed in implant dentistry.  


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Time Stamps

[07:02] Adoption of a guided approach to surgery

[10:48] Reducing variability of outcomes with guided placement 

[14:30] Characteristics of successful dentists 

[20:10] Setting realistic outcomes with patients

[22:47] Dr. Harris’ digital workflow from start to finish

[28:59] Creation of precise guides

[32:37] Guides are not 100% fail proof

[34:00] Integration of different tools is the future 

[39:22] Have a mentor guide you through implant dentistry

[46:18] “There are no facts”

[48:19] Be discerning with your learning resources 


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MoreDent is driving the charge forward in integrated digital dentistry by providing world class education, equipment, products, solutions, and support to thousands of practices. Their goal is simple: to enhance clinical and patient outcomes so that dentists and patients alike can enjoy the highest possible level of success.  


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