Dental Implant Mini Audio Residency Episode 4: Restoring and Maintaining Dental Implants with Dr. Varun Garg


Today, I talk to Dr. Varun Garg, a prominent prosthodontist based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2007, he completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery and went on to work as a general dentist. His interest in prosthodontics led him to pursue a postgraduate degree from the University of Melbourne. In 2017, he received his doctorate in prosthodontics along with the Dr. Steele Award for outstanding clinical skills. 

In this fourth episode of the dental implant audio residency series, we talk about the restorative aspect of implant dentistry. Dr. Varun details the planning and execution process for restoring implants. He also shares tips on how to maintain implants to ensure longevity.


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Time Stamps

[05:04] Implant restoration and treatment planning

[08:25] Implant impression taking 

[10:04] Closed tray VS open tray impression technique

[13:11] Implant temporisation

[16:10] Screw-retained VS cement-retained implants

[19:56] Designing the abutment: titanium or zirconia

[22:38] Restoring correct occlusion with implants
[24:52] Dental implant fitting process 

[30:25] Common early issues post insertion of implant 

[33:28] The 6-month recall implant check-up
[35:50] Cleaning around the implant

[38:17] Planning is everything


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