Past Favourite (re-broadcast) – Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Omar Rakeen

In Celebration of 100 interviews, I will be re-releasing select interviews from the early days of the podcast. This podcast originally aired back in December 2017 and is one is one of my personal favorites as I am a big fan Dr. Omar Rakeen’s work. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with Dr. Rakeen in Melbourne back in 2020 and his growth and clinical mastery has been awesome to see from the time that this podcast was released. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the amazing work that he produces.


Instagram: @omarrakeen2.0


Original Show Notes:

Welcome back to the Noobie Dentist Podcast!

In this episode of Dentists of Instagram I talk to someone I personally admire and look up to, Dr. Omar Rakeen (IG: @omarrakeen) out of Dubai. Dr. Rakeen is a general dentist and an amazing restorative dentists that I was super pumped to speak to. In this episode we take a deep dive into rubberdamology and restorative dentistry. Omar shares his secrets to success and talks about his journey into becoming such an advanced restorative dentist. I get super pumped about talking to people who love their craft and are dedicated to doing things well so I really enjoyed this episode! I hope you guys learn a thing or two as I did!

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