Financial Mini-Series Episode 4: The Financial Blueprint for the Young Dentist with Stafford Hamilton

The Noobie Dentist Podcast – Stafford Hamilton

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Today, I talk to Stafford Hamilton who is the CEO of Credabl, Australia’s leading provider of medical and dental finance solutions. Stafford’s 20-year career in financial services and IT has led him to co-found the company in 2016. He remains passionate about helping medical and dental professionals achieve their personal and business ambitions through specialised lending.

In this interview we talk about the financial changes, purchases, and challenges that a dentist faces during the first five years of his or her career. We discuss how learning the basics of personal finance is the first step to building wealth and helps you make better fiscal decisions. 


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Time Stamps

[04:26] The first five years of a dentist’s career


[11:29] There is no “one size fits all” blueprint


[14:06] Credabl’s approach to the changes in financial lending

[18:12] Understanding the basics of personal finance for success


[22:49] Discipline leads to financial freedom 


[28:05] Buying a dental practice has lower risks 


[30:27] The costs of setting up a dental practice


[32:24] How dentists deal with the initial negative cash flow


[35:32] Is multiple practice ownership a good strategy?


[38:49] Partnership agreements are essential

[41:12] Expert advice comes at a cost

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If you need finance, be it for your personal or professional needs, the team at Credabl know the drill. From home loans and car loans to equipment and fit out loans, or even commercial properties and practice purchases, the medical finance specialists at Credabl will provide a tailored solution for you.  


To find out more, visit 



What is your 5-year financial plan? Did you find Stafford’s tips useful? We would love to hear your thoughts! 


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