Past Favourite (re-broadcast) – Endo 101 with Endodontist Dr. Stephanie Tran

This episode was published back on May 1st, 2018  and is one of the top 10 most downloaded episodes of the podcast. Dr. Tran shares a wealth of information that is a must listen for any dentist interested in endodontics.


Original Show Notes:

Hello and welcome back for another fantastic episode of the Noobie Dentist Podcast, in this episode I speak with endodontist; Dr. Stephanie Tran! Dr. Tran (@her_holiness_the_pulp) talks about her journey through dental school to becoming an endodontist. This episode is jam packed with useful tips and a lot of information that you may want to write down so I’d definitely recommend having a pen and paper ready to go for when listening to this episode!

Dr. Tran talks us through her systematic approach to endodontic treatment and gives a step by step explanation of her sequence, starting from accessing the tooth through to obturation! We dive into the pros and cons of different common endo systems including ProTaper Gold and WaveOne as well as various Obturation methods such as GuttaCore, ThermaFil, warm vertical and lateral condensation techniques. We wrap up the episode by answering some mail bag questions that I received on Instagram! I hope you enjoy this episode and receive as much value from it as I did!

You can find Dr. Stephanie Tran on Instagram: @her_holiness_the_pulp

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