Noobie and Friends: Biomimetic Dentistry and the Management of Cracked Teeth Dr. Davey Alleman


Today, I welcome back Dr. Davey Alleman who is a private practice general dentist in Utah. Prior to this, he served as a dentist in the US Army for five years. Passionate about improving outcomes, Dr. Davey and his father teach a year-long course in biomimetic dentistry to dentists all over the world. 

For the second episode in the Noobie and Friends series, we review the principles and practice of biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Davey shares the step-by-step procedure of biomimetic restoration and how he manages cracked tooth syndrome. 


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Time Stamps

[00:04:37] Dr. Davey’s journey to biomimetic dentistry

[00:08:24] Biomimetic Dentistry Mastership Course

[00:18:19] Biomimetic approach to assessment and restoration 

[00:25:58] Philosophy of biomimetic dentistry

[00:28:39] Biomimetic direct restoration
[00:37:18] Etch placement
[00:41:01] Air-drying solvents in bonding agents
[00:44:53] Restorative composites: flowables and injectables 

[00:52:18] Early diagnosis of cracked tooth syndrome 

[00:57:42] The importance of visualization in restoration plans 

[01:00:43] Vertical cracked tooth

[01:03:17] Depth of crack excavation
[01:09:03] Know your own expertise


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