Noobie and Friends: Life, Dentistry and Occlusal Splints with Dr. Jaz Gulati


Today, I welcome Dr. Jaz Gulati, host of the Protrusive Dental Podcast. He is a general dentist who has privately practiced in Singapore and now, the UK. In his practice, he especially enjoys ortho restorative dentistry and conservative Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) management.

For the third episode in the Noobie and Friends series, we talk about TMD, bruxism, and occlusal appliances. Dr. Jaz shares his splints decision making workflow as well as tips for how to develop consistent manual dexterity and how to find a healthy work life balance.


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Time Stamps

[00:05:14] Dr. Jaz’s origin story
[00:09:06] The Protrusive Dental Podcast
[00:11:58] Now is the best time to be a dentist

[00:16:20] Finding work life balance
[00:21:48] Don’t compare, learning takes time 

[00:24:47] How to develop consistent dexterity and hand skills

[00:29:43] Reflective learning through journaling

[00:33:19] Coping with a bad procedure

[00:35:17] Effective teamwork with your dental nurse 

[00:39:05] Differentiating TMD patients

[00:45:38] Splints decision making process
[00:50:01] Michigan Splints

[00:51:05] Science based prescription of splints 

[00:52:22] Canine guidance in occlusal splints

[00:54:11] Recap of splint decision making

[00:56:23] Is the anterior midpoint stop appliance for daily wear?

[01:01:24] Dr. Jaz’s online splint course 

[01:03:54] Adjust soft splints with Dr. Jaz’s expert tip


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