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Meet the Noobs

The Podcast:

The NoobieDentist Podcast hopes to bring relevant information to new dental grads everywhere. GPR vs Private practice? Associateship vs practice ownership? This podcast hopes to cover a variety of topics to help noobie dentists navigate their way through the first few years of their careers!

The Host:


I first started listening to podcasts back in 2006. Back in 2006 I was in my final year of high school and still dreaming of becoming a professional soccer player. Soccer podcasts where my gateway into podcasts and I was hooked. Sadly the dreams of becoming a professional soccer player did not materialize and after finishing my undergrad at the University of Western Ontario in 2011 I decided to move Melbourne, Australia to study dentistry.  During dental school, while procrastinating on YouTube I came across Dentistry Uncensored by the godfather of dental podcasting, Dr Howard Farran. Through this podcast I was introduced to Dr. Mark Costes and his Dentalpreneur Podcast, the Dental Hacks podcast and the Shared Practices podcast. I have so much respect for these amazing docs for providing such high value information for noobs such as myself to absorb. On my walk to and from dental school, at the gym, and while driving to work now as an associate I consume as much content as possible.

These amazing and successful dentists have become mentors and role models of mine through the medium of podcasts and this is what has inspired me to start my own. As a new grad working as an associate in Toronto, Canada , I feel a podcast by a dental noob for dental noobs can become something very valuable!

Dr. Omid Azami

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