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Mentorship Series: 5 Things I learned in 2020 2020 Was an interesting year to say the least. Many of us faced new challenges and obstacles and many of our goals and plans for the year had to be changed on the fly.   To wrap up the Mentorship Series Season 1, I thought I would share some thoughts on 5 things that …

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Noobie Dentist Podcast 12

How Do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

I can break accountability into two forms- one is internal accountability and the other is external accountability. Internal accountability is the accountability you have with yourself. You set a goal, a target or a task you want to accomplish, one that no one really knows about. It’s something only you know about and can hold yourself accountable to. They say that goal setting is one of the most important forms of internal accountability so it’s important to set strategic useful goals for yourself.

Noobie Dentist Podcast 1

How To Cope With COVID Related Shut-Downs

How to maximize your experience in dental school during the pandemic? I empathize with the situation dental students are in right now because of all the restrictions placed due to COVID. They’ve been out of clinics and unable to get the hands-on experience they would have gotten during regular dental school to build basic foundational skills required for their clinical career. For the dental students listening in from Australia, Canada or the US, the main thing to do is to look after yourself at this point. It’s quite stressful.

Noobie Dentist Podcast 2

Don’t Overestimate What You Can Achieve

In this episode I want to tackle a quote by Bill Gates that’s made a big impact on how I look at different things in life. The quote goes something like this – “People overestimate what can be done in one year and underestimate what can be done in a decade.” To me this means that a lot of us are impatient, myself included. We are very impatient with our goals and with what we want to achieve. We’re always hungry to get things done quickly. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout, dissatisfaction and loss of motivation.

Noobie Dentist Podcast 3

What is the role of social media in dentistry?

I’ve had a long history with social media over the years. It’s done a lot for me in terms of growing my podcast and growing an audience that values my content. I first started using Instagram to post dental content when I was in my final year of dental school. At the time, it was a small community and it was fairly easy to know and follow most of the bigger dental accounts.