Mastering Dentistry Series Episode 2: Life Outside of Dentistry: Specialization, Side Hustles, Positivity and Yoga with Dr. Brett Gilbert

Hey there, I’m your host Dr. Ricky Hamami and on the second episode of the Mastering Dentistry Series, we were privileged to host an outstanding clinician in Dr. Brett Gilbert, an endodontist practicing in Niles Illinois. I had the privilege of meeting Brett by sheer coincidence over Instagram and developed a friendship as a result of our side hustles. On this episode, Brett and I talk about his pathway to specialization and his life outside of dentistry.

Brett lectures worldwide and recently created an online endodontic educational platform called Access Endo. Access Endo combines clinical expertise and personal development to empower the next generation of dentists with over 50 courses and 44 PACE AGD credits offered. He is currently offering a $10 student bundle to help accelerate students’ clinical pathway.

Be sure to check it out at: https://www.accessendo.org

Mastering Dentistry Series Episode 1: Pathways to Success & the Art of Management with Dr. Hesham Sherghin

This is the first episode of the Mastering Dentistry Series and we are super excited and hopeful for you to learn and be inspired. I am Dr. Zeyad Hammad and today my guest is Dr. Hesham Sherghin, Hesham is currently my mentor and principal dentist here in London Ontario. I got introduced to Hesham through total coincidence and I am glad that meeting happened. Over 8 years of practice Hesham has expanded his clinical scope to perform complex surgical procedures, has build over 13 dental practices, owns a management and technologies companies, and is currently launching a dental fast track program of zoom webinars on his Continuing Education platform http://www.dtacademy.ca.

NDP 62: Chatting to Noobie Dentists Dr. Ricky Hamami and Dr. Zeyad Hammad

In this week’s episode I sat down with Dr. Ricky Hamami and Dr. Zeyad Hammad. I met these guys when they were first year dental students at Melbourne Dental school and it has been awesome now see them as fresh grads and noobie dentists. Ricky and Zeyad are from Canada and after completing their studies in Melbourne, have moved back to Toronto where they are both practicing in private practice. I connected with these guys due to our shared passion for entrepreneurship and these guys have taken things to another level. During dental school they launched Dentist2b, an online platform designed to helped dental students study for and crush the Canadian Board Exams.

NDP 61: Injection Overmolding Technique and Career Longevity with Dr. Jihyon Kim (@discingqueen)

Today’s Interview is with Dr. Jihyon Kim @DiscingQueen on Instagram based in Seattle Washington. This interview was recorded a few months ago prior to me heading over to Seattle to attend Kois and I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with both Dr. kim and Brandon walker (@prosthabilities) for brunch while I was there. We ran into each other again at DIA a few days later where Dr. Kim taught a great session in injection over molding.

NDP 60: Life of an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with the Bloody Tooth Guy (@bloodytoothguy)

Today’s guest is The Bloody Tooth Guy. Many will know of him as one of Instagram OG members and many us have benefited from his outstanding content, education and entertainment around Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. In this interview we talk about his journey into dentistry and OMFS, when and why he started the Bloody Tooth Guy and why he decided to stay anonymous for so long. We also went off track a bit and had a good chat about topics we’re both passionate about, watches and sports.